Investors and Supervisory Board

Tomasz Piwoński

Founder and CEO

Founder of the Solution One*, hedge fund, winner of the Investment Fund of the Year award. The fund has achieved a 60% return since launching in 2014 and became famous for its total resilience to the market crash in March 2020. He has worked as a trader on the New York Stock Exchange and is a Private Equity Investor.

*Stichting LegaI Owner Solution One with its registered office at Kingsfordweg 151, 1043 GR Amsterdam, registered with the KvK under number 72410442 and RSIN 859101289, represented by Tomasz Piwoński and Paweł Świerczyński

Łukasz Kobus

CEO, Member of the Management Board

CEO and board member of Dark Pool One S.A. Has 10 years of experience in product launches. In the blockchain market since 2018. He led the development of a BTC mining operation with a total capacity of 10 EH/s. He launched a cryptocurrency with a market capitalisation of several hundred million dollars.

Robert Olejnik

Investor, Member of the Supervisory Board

Over 20 years of experience in the IT sector. In 2010, he founded TEONITE Venture Builder, which creates and invests in companies in areas of finance, blockchain, AI and IoT (e.g.,, Deep-Image.AI, Opps.City, Arastradero), driven by a software house, working with T-Mobile, US film studios, European Space Agency, among others.

Łukasz Rżanek


He has been working in the IT sector for over 20 years, and worked in the largest companies in the industry (Borland, Oracle). In the last ten years, he managed IT departments of companies with global reach or being leaders in their market (1&, and the building of start-ups. He has advised many brands from different countries in Europe and Asia, in recent years also strongly associated with the Chinese market.

Konrad Majdański


He is a specialist in financial engineering and machine learning. He has participated in many software projects in the financial industry, including building an options pricing engine for the Warsaw Commodity Exchange. He is a certified member of the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association.

Sławomir Mazurek

Chief Architect

Software engineer with 20 years of experience. He specialises in data aggregation software and network applications providing real-time information. Architect and co-creator of asset pricing platform for the Warsaw Commodity Exchange.

Tomasz Gęsior

Senior Developer

Blockchain developer with experience in using public and private blockchain networks. DeFi product developer. Enthusiast of decentralisation and automation of services through smart contracts. He was a blockchain consultant at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Tomasz Bodziacki


Entrepreneur and manager with over 20 years of experience in the new technology industry. Managed projects worth more than $10 million. Originator, founder and investor of many projects at an early stage of development. Cooperated, among others, with Hewlett Packard, PWPW, Aiton Caldwell, PineBrige, Central Europe Trust, KPRM. He raised over PLN 17 million for the development of business concepts.

Maria Brzezińska


She built brand strategies for the largest media group in Poland. She conducted marketing activities for technology start-ups in various stages of financing. She cooperated with BMW, POLIN Museum, Hotel SPA Dr Irena Eris, Fujifilm, Vogue, Rainbow Tours, government tourism agencies (e.g., Visit Dubai), and ShareSpace.

Bartosz Juraszek

PR & Media Manager

Strongly committed to building and developing new business projects. Professionally involved in the blockchain industry since 2017. Cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Ben Kornacki

Head of Marketing

Marketing & finance executive who has run marketing teams from the blockchain sector to media and entertainment. He has overseen go-to-market strategy and consulted in the fintech and crypto space for start-ups, well-known brands, and VCs. He holds his MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University.

Partnership with the Poznań University of Economics

Dr Jacek Mizerka, Professor of the UEP

Board Advisor

Director of the Institute of Accounting and Financial Management, Head of the Department of Corporate Finance at the Poznań University of Economics. His academic work is focused on corporate finance and capital markets, in particular risk management. In 2007-2008, he led a team which, in cooperation with Comarch S.A., worked on the following topic: Implementation of financial engineering tools in the processes of supporting risk management in a financial institution and a company. He was also the manager of a project financed by NCBiR: Creation and implementation of a new course entitled Financial Risk Management at the Poznań University of Economics (UEP) – studies of practical profile (2016-2020), in cooperation with Raiffeisen- Polbank, later BNP Paribas. He is interested in the issues of derivatives; he dealt with the application of the option approach to the evaluation of investment projects (author of the monograph entitled Real options in the financial evaluation of investment efficiency). He also deals with issues connected with cryptocurrencies (co-author of the publication: The role of Bitcoin on developed and emerging markets – on the basis of a Bitcoin users graph analysis. Finance Research Letters, 35 2020).

Dr Marcin Bartkowiak


Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics, at the Institute of Computer Science and Quantitative Economics of the Poznań University of Economics. His research interests include derivatives, in particular their valuation and use in risk transfer.

Dr Bartosz Kabaciński


In 2016, he obtained a doctoral degree in Economics in the discipline of Finance. Academically he specialises in corporate finance, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate insolvency, financial analysis, and valuation. He has taught financial futures and options trading using specialist trading platforms and modern educational platforms. In practice he is also involved in consultancy, with a particular focus on business valuation.

Dr Aleksandra Rutkowska


Department of Applied Mathematics, Institute of Computer Science and Quantitative Economics, the Poznań University of Economics (UEP). Her academic work is broadly concerned with quantitative finance, including investment portfolio optimisation, quantitative time series modelling and inflation expectations. Member of the QuantFin Foundation Chapter. She has over 14 years of experience with data analysis and IT systems. She has worked on projects for, among others: BCC, INT4, European Space Agency, Stochastico, ATS Technology. Together with a team from UCL, she co-authored the first trading algorithm for the insurance market.