Media coverage of our investor team

Solution One wins the Invest Cuffs award for Investment Fund for 2020.

“A feast during the plague. It doesn’t matter if it goes down or up – they make money” – Forbes describes Tomasz Piwoński’s Solution One hedge fund.

Rafał Kerger, editor-in-chief of, talks to Tomasz Piwoński, founder of the Investment Fund of the Year – Solution One.

PLN 5.5 million from investors went to mPay in a new share issue. The largest block was taken up by Solution One Fund, managed by Tomasz Piwoński.

“From trader to hedge fund manager” – Tomasz Piwoński in an interview with Comparic Markets.

Solution One fund profile on

Media about Dark Pool One

Our project hits the Kryptowaluty Dla Początkujących channel, we are in the review of TOP 7 Polish projects with the greatest potential for November 2021.

On 05.11.2021, in the Inside Solution One programme on Comparic.TV Tomasz Piwoński announces the start of the public offering of Dark Pool One shares and releases the trailer of a film promoting the company’s leading project.

“Making money on dips?” 09.11.2021 Maciej Wapniak’s “Wapiński” channel describes us.

“Poles are building a cryptocurrency market like never before” – 09.XI Puls Biznesu writes about us.

15.11.2021: Tomasz Piwoński answers user questions on the Veto Media channel.

Maciek Wapiński talks to Łukasz Kobus about, among others, the tokenomics of the stock market in the next episode of conversations, 17.XI.2021, on the Veto Media channel.

23.11.2021 informs about the cooperation between mPay, Rafal Zaorski and Dark Pool One concerning the introduction of the PLN stable coin. covers the Crypt0 Mayhem and Adria Games event on 26.11.2021. You can find our pitch from 1:57:20.

On 9 December we were guests on Comparic Markets show. Marcin Wenus, editor-in-chief of talks with Tomasz Piwoński and Konrad Majdański, among others, about the rise of mPay shares after the announcement of cooperation with Rafał Zaorski and Dark Pool One.