Together with MPay and Rafal Zaorski We Launch Stable Coin PLNC

obrazek wpisu


Stable coin zlotys and a cryptocurrency wallet more convenient than Metamask? Coming soon. Dark Pool One, Rafał Zaorski – a member of Dark Pool One’s Supervisory Board – and mPay, the longest-established mobile payment provider in the Polish market, plan to make access to cryptocurrencies much easier.

On 22 November 2021, mPay finalised an agreement with Rafal Zaorski (BigShortBets) and Dark Pool One to launch a PLN-linked stable coin and cryptocurrency wallet.

Stable coins, or the so-called stable cryptocurrencies, are usually pegged 1:1 to the exchange rate of traditional (fiat) currencies. The cryptocurrency market is known for its high volatility – this attracts traders looking for high returns, but at the same time makes it difficult for cryptocurrencies to be adopted as a commonly used means of payment. Stable coins are designed to facilitate this process: with them, an investor can freeze the profit from cryptocurrency transactions during periods of high volatility without having to exchange the funds for traditional currencies, which would necessitate the payment of taxes.

– Our business goal is to make it easier for the average Pole to navigate the world of cryptocurrencies so that they can, on the one hand, safely store their crypto resources and, on the other hand, easily and quickly make transactions without having to use many different exchanges – says Tomasz Piwoński, founder of Dark Pool One. – Our further plans include the creation of cryptocurrency pairs for our stable coin on global exchanges and establishment of cooperation with various wallets. We want PLNC to be a transparent and easily accessible token. On the other hand, we also plan to add other cryptocurrencies to our wallet so that it becomes a better alternative to the currently popular Metamask wallet. Cooperation with mPay and the creation of a stable PLNC token will also bring additional value in the form of expanding the ecosystem of the exchange we are building, – added Piwoński.

Comparic writes about the project